Unmask unknown traffic

Identify/Learn which companies are looking at your business even without their interaction

Transform your sales funnel

Precise lead identification to close new business

Gain insights for sales and marketing strategy

Identify/Learn which companies are looking at your business even without their interaction

Precise marketing

Pinpoint – precision targeted marketing and lead nurturing



What Gnomi does

Who visits your website? Isn’t this knowledge half the battle in building your sales funnel, targeting your marketing efforts and figuring out where to focus your sales and marketing budget? Only a fraction of your website visitors go on to make contact – but these are lost opportunities unless you can find out who they are and pro-actively engage.

With Gnomi you can identify in real-time who visits your website and take immediate, informed action without waiting for interested visitors to reach out to you.

Gnomi is an advanced visitor tracking software that:

  • captures and identifies traffic and visitors to your site but who have not made contact or interacted with you
  • generates tailored lead reports filtered by your chosen criteria, e.g. industry, sector, geography, size of company, etc.
  • enables easy set-up of automated email distribution of lead reports, so leads get into the right hands in your sales and marketing organisation
  • supplies in-depth background information about your website visitors to inform your nurturing and outreach efforts

Gnomi moves you from reactive to pro-active. Armed with real-time, real-world data and easy-to-read, individually customised lead reports, you can move from the ineffective “spray and pray” method of sales and marketing to a “reveal and deal” method.

For the first time, you have access to highly qualified leads you’ve already generated, and Gnomi lets you step in at the right time to engage with your visitors.


What Gnomi delivers

At its core, Gnomi delivers digital lead-generation software. But what exactly does that mean? It means Gnomi delivers exactly what B2B sales and marketing professionals and companies repeatedly say they need:

  • ready-made, warm, qualified lead lists and alerts that will dramatically improve your prospect-nurturing efforts
  • information to nurture effectively and make your move: in-depth company data, including the ability to prequalify leads via a bespoke offering
  • a clear return on investment on your website and marketing campaigns

Ultimately you reach B2B decision makers – the high-value prospects you need to fill your sales pipeline and close new business and get all the sales you were missing out on.


Gnomi benefits

Real-time intelligence: Identify unknown visitors to your site to:

  • Know what companies are interested in your services and act
  • Get in-depth information in your hands about interested companies in order to:
    • Better target marketing efforts with precision information and achieve higher marketing ROI
    • Incorporate insight into sales and marketing strategy and be able to adapt in real-time as you see market trends emerge
    • Understand better whom, how and when to nurture leads
    • Act quickly on hot, pre-qualified leads
    • Find out what competitors are visiting your site and what they are looking at
    • Fill your sales pipeline with well-qualified leads and close more business, much of which would have been out of reach without real-time visitor data


Find your Gnomi

Integration and consultation

Gnomi offers full consultation, setup assistance and ongoing support at integration and beyond. Gnomi integrates seamlessly with major CMS systems, and we offer multiple different integrations, APIs and bespoke solutions compatible with your requirements and software and systems you already use.


Starting at £150 per month, our pricing is transparent and is based on your traffic volume.

Please contact us to discuss pricing.


Can I try Gnomi out before committing to buy?

Of course. In fact we encourage you to undertake a free 14-day trial before you subscribe. We want you to see for yourself what Gnomi can do for you.

Why should I do a Gnomi trial?

A trial will give you a good sense of what Gnomi can do and what value it offers to your organisation’s sales & marketing efforts. We know that making commitments before trying something out can lead to dissatisfaction or disuse – and we want you to use Gnomi, be impressed with what you get and ultimately subscribe. A trial will give you insight, upfront, into whether Gnomi delivers what you need – saving time in the long run.

What do I get as part of the Gnomi subscription?

Gnomi delivers a detailed data report to you, which includes the details of the visitors we have identified. The reports are delivered at the frequency you choose: instantly, daily, weekly, monthly or as you prefer, by e-mail. We can also work with you to tailor the reports to your precise needs. These are not just generic data dumps but specific reports generated for your team(s) individually.

Does Gnomi identify ALL visits to my site?

No. No tool in existence can identify all visitors. There are many reasons for this, ranging from data privacy, the use of different devices and full online data not existing for a company, to name a few. Our results, though, are quite comprehensive, drawing data and information from a vast database.

Is Gnomi legal?

Absolutely. We only use, refine and package public data to identity website visitors.



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